Hey there, apartment dwellers and fellow travelers!  My name is Erin, and I’m on a journey to make my life more joyful through minimalism, frugality, and mindfulness. For most of my adult life I was a desperate, stressed-out graduate student living beyond my meager paychecks, but four years ago I took the huge (and scary!) step of leaving my PhD program to pursue work that makes me truly happy.

Now that I have some breathing room, I want to transform the way I think about money and possessions. Even though my move from academic life has been more financially fruitful, I’ve realized that I don’t know how to manage money or plan for a dignified retirement.

Lots of blogs have already covered the topics I’m going to write about, but with my blog you’ll be along for the ride from the very beginning. Maybe you’ll even learn something along with me!

So what can you expect to read?

  • A first timer’s perspective on established financial models by your $$$ gurus
  • Frugal recipes and food pics from a reluctant meal planner
  • A fresh perspective on frugal living in one of America’s most expensive cities
  • Thoughtful– or overthought!– pieces on mindful eating, living, and spending
  • Reading suggestions and inspiration from a plethora of mediums

I take my inspiration for this blog from one of my all-time, favorite songs by Feist. For me it’s about dreaming for the future while being content with present.  Right now I’ve got “second floor living without a yard,” but someday I’ll have so much more.