Start Here!

Hey friend! I’m so excited you’re here.

Ten years ago I left Kansas and moved to sunny, southern California in pursuit of a PhD. My dream was to become an English professor, and I was thrilled to join one of the most competitive programs in the country!

But that tenure track hustle wasn’t meant to be. Five years in I found myself miserable and wanting more. That’s when I made the scariest decision of my life– I dropped out of school with no job, no savings and no plan. To make matters worse, I was saddled with nearly $100k of student debt even though I’d had full scholarships all through school.

These days I’m thriving in a career I love and making progress toward my goal of positive net worth! It hasn’t been easy, but that’s what mad e me strong.

My dream for this blog is to share the wisdom I’ve gained from this journey. What are the first moves you can make when changing careers? Where can you find information and inspiration for your own financial goals? And most important, how do we find the courage to leave behind the things that are dragging us down?

I mean, all that plus what I’m eating, reading, watching and buying because we all need some fun distractions right now!


So a little more about me:

I’m a non-profit organizational development specialist, which means I help groups of people find common ground and build the kinds of communities we all deserve.

I’m committed to economic and social justice, which means I use value based budgeting  in my personal finance and try to support businesses that treat workers fairly.

I’m kind of science fiction nerd. I love my nieces and nephews more than anything. My favorite kind of vacation is an epic road trip.