Money Monday

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and my bank account has been its willing victim for almost 10 years. In these weekly Money Monday posts, I want to share about what it costs me to be an Angeleno– to satisfy your curiosity, but also for me to see what went right or wrong in my spending for the week.

Which evidently I really need to consider because I spent almost $1000 last week! W.T.F.  I’ve really wandered far from my debt crushing days of yore, and this expense report drives home how much I need to refocus on my financial goals.

P.S. I really love the Explore feature in Google Docs– no more individually typed pivot tables for THIS data nerd.

Category SUM of Cost
Car Maintenance $115.76
Clothes $59.50
Coffee $53.01
Entertainment $106.93
FedEx $13.10
Gas $77.43
Grocery $170.47
Lyft $10.53
Parking $2.50
Restaurant $292.61
Grand Total $901.84

I also have a few built in budget categories that are the same from month to month:

Item Cost Notes
Rent $1400 I live in a suburban 1 bedroom apartment with a pool, onsite laundry, and covered parking. Water, trash, and landscaping are paid by the landlord.
Car Payment $246 I’m so very close to paying this off!
Car Insurance $199 This will decrease when I pay off my car.
Gym Membership $46 I pay for a gym membership that travels with me.
Internet $64
PBS Donation $5 This gets me access to PBS Compass so I can watch my favorite BBC shows.
Sling TV $25 Because sometimes I just want to watch reality TV.
Student Loan Payment $618 Ugh.


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