February in the Books

I’m so confused!

Have you ever stared at your EveryDollar app and just wondered how in the world these numbers worked out? That’s what I’m doing. Like, right now. My app says that I overspent my February budget by $365.00, but I ended up with a $150.00 surplus in my checking account at the month’s end. Setting aside my continued failure to just eat the dang food in my fridge, how did this happen?!

Other than this mystery money, my spending worked out pretty close to plan. Here’s the post-mortem on the rest of February’s audited budget:

I anticipated a larger tax bill for 2018 than I’ve ever had before because of my higher income and changes to the tax code eliminating exemptions and certain deductions. I like to be prepared, so I set aside $450 to cover my estimated difference. But my withholdings were pretty accurate, and I only owed the IRS $200! … And this is a good time to remind ourselves that giant tax refunds just mean that we gave the government an interest free loan with money we could have spent on something else…

I used some of the surplus from my Taxes category to cover a couple items in my Lifestyle category that I otherwise couldn’t afford. P.S. I didn’t adjust the categories in EveryDollar, which is why it looks like I overspent the Lifestyle category by $211. Does anyone have a different work around for this kind of problem? (Because also I don’t know why it shows I have nothing left in my emergency fund…)

I bought a light down jacket that I’ve been wanting for awhile, along with a few work appropriate clothing items. Both were needed to replace items that had worn out or no longer fit. The jacket is from REI, and it’s currently on sale. This isn’t an affiliate link, btw. I’m not that fancy yet. I also got this SUPER CUTE JUMPSUIT and this SUPER CUTE TWEED SKIRT from Loft. Actually all the work clothes were from Loft, and I didn’t pay more than $14.99 for a single item due to their awesome online clearance sales.

I’ll have to revel in my shopping afterglow for the rest of the year though, because I’m gearing up to make March a Total No Spend Month. My debt repayment goal? $2790.

Feb 2019 Audit

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