Ch-ch-ch Changes: 5 Quick Takes

The last eight months have been a wild ride with work and life and blah blah blah. You know how it goes.  You sit down to write, and then you get distracted. By a phone call. By pasta boiling over on the stove. By the rug you haven’t vacuumed in two weeks.

Here’s what’s been happening with my finances:

  • In February I applied for a new position in an organization I’ve been working with (but not for) over the last three years. I got the job and the accompanying pay bump, but lost my very snazzy and automatic 10% employer contribution to my 401k.


  • In March my dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, and I’ve been flying out as often as possible to spend time with him on chemo weekends. This means I’ve more or less stopped my debt snowball, but getting to see my dad is the most important thing in my life right now.


  • In May I had my own cancer scare, but after multiple mammograms and ultrasounds the surgeon declared me cancer free. The same day I learned I wouldn’t be undergoing very expensive treatment, my car was hit with flying debris from a pick-up truck on the freeway. Insurance covered the $3500 in repairs plus the car rental, but I did still have to pay the $1000 deductible. Lucky for me, I have an emergency fund for exactly these issues!


  • Nobody tell my landlord, but my rent didn’t go up this year.


  • I completed a thorough analysis of where my money went in June, and I’m drafting a post on this for later in the week. Let’s just say I have some serious shame about my spending right now. Yikes!

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