Monday Monday: NSN Day 6

I’m so grateful to have an inspiring, loving, and generous community of friends out here in California. Though my family is all still back in the midwest, I’ve been able to grow my own constellation of chosen family over the seven years I’ve lived on the best coast.

My amazing friends treated me to an indulgent weekend-long birthday celebration! From delicious meals to moving documentary films to lazy couch-lounging, I spent almost every second with people who mean so much to me.

That also means I’ve been able to keep my spending to the minimum throughout my first week of No Spend November! Here are my expenses:

  • Rent– $$$ (Let’s not talk about it. Assume it’s a lot.)
  • Visa Payment–$$ (Let’s also not talk about this. Not ready to share my total debt)
  • Internet– $44.99
  • Gas Bill– $5.08 (hahaha)
  • Power Bill– $58.92 (less hahaha but still pretty cheap)
  • Gas for Car– $29.07 (this will go up with new gas tax)
  • Car Insurance–$160.38
  • Groceries–$39.82 (I’m shopping my pantry, but wanted to get fresh veggies and some chicken)
  • Coffee Shop– $5.08 (Just the one time, and mostly for my friend who had already bought me brunch)
  • Jersey Mikes–$8.74 (This was before I did my grocery shop. Wasn’t proud. Was very hungry)

Expenses coming up? My car payment and my student loan payment. Barf.

So how am I feeling about all this? Most of these expenses are necessary for keeping a roof over my head, feeding my body, and doing my job. The coffee shop and the Jersey Mikes were the only expenses that I didn’t plan for, and I’m feeling ok about adding them here. It’s takes time to change bad habits, and I can’t beat myself up because of two slip ups. Instead, I need to plan better.

That’s why I’m making up a bunch of food tonight when I get home from work. I’ll throw together some baked chicken, barley risotto, and roasted root vegetables to eat on all week. I’ll definitely need to pack some food for Tuesday because I’ll be on the road for work and don’t want to pay for fast food.



Image from Pixabay.com

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