NSN: Day 3 Recap

So far so good.

My No-Spend November started in the middle of a big work trip, so I was pretty concerned that I might mess up this whole thing right at the beginning. But I was careful and I planned, so I was able to keep from spending much at all during those days.

In fact, since I started the NSN on Wednesday, I’ve only purchased a breakfast burrito at the location where I was working and a snack box at the airport on my way home. In between I ate food provided by the hotel where I stayed and by the organization I work for. For breakfasts, I ate the “Grab and Go” station at the hotel– it wasn’t a full continental breakfast, but they had oatmeal and coffee which is all I really need in the morning anyway. My organization provided lunches, and for dinners I had leftover take-out from my first night on the road. (We went to a Japanese restaurant that day, and I accidentally ordered a Teriyaki chicken platter meant for 2 to 4 people #chrissyteigencringe. Lucky it was before NSN started, and I had a fridge in the hotel!)

Now I’m gearing up for a frugal but fun birthday weekend! I have plans tomorrow night to see a documentary film with a friend of mine, and she actually bought my ticket as a birthday present. I’m also going on a hike in the morning with another friend, and we’ll be heading one of the few spots where we don’t have to pay for parking in LA!

Though I’ll probably end up purchasing a birthday cake mix with my regular grocery haul tomorrow, I’m not planning on buying any extras for a fancy birthday meal. I’d rather spend quality time with a few quality people than spend money on a bigger celebration.

Image from Pixabay.com

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