Five Frugal Things: Summer Solstice Edition

It’s summer! Here we go!

First: Last week I started using a cash envelope system. At first I just used paperclips and Post-It notes to keep my cash together, but it was a little cumbersome taking the paperclips off and replacing them every time.  SO, I made my own envelopes! And so far I’ve stayed in my budget without pulling any money from different categories.

Second: It’s been SOOOOO hot. Like, nasty hot.  Like, laying on the cold, laminate floor directly in front of the fan with an icepack on my head hot. My apartment has an air conditioner, but I’m so reluctant to run it because it’s old and I know it will really add to the electricity bill. Instead I’ve been keeping my house cooler during the day by closing all the windows and drawing the shades during the day. It’s still bright enough to see while keeping the temperature livable– around 77 degrees fahrenheit.

Third: This morning I worked out a weekend meal plan to use everything in my fridge before I take off for VACATION!!! next week.

Fourth: I did two loads of laundry and air dried them both.

Fifth: My laptop hasn’t been communicating with my new printer, which is pretty frustrating since I have to work from home. But instead of shelling out for tech support from anyone, I figure it out on my own by following some detailed instructions I found on a Mac forum.

BONUS!! I checked out three books from the library instead of buying anything from a bookstore.  Which I visited this week. Because it was hot and there was AC.

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