Five Frugal Things: No-Spend Weekend Edition

After a couple of very expensive weeks out in the field, I was feeling a little short on cash as the weekend approached. I had been spending too much money on coffee, and I’d really racked up some mileage on my car. By the time Thursday rolled around I was so relieved to open my mailbox and find a coupon for a free large pizza from a place near my apartment! It was a pleasant welcome-to-the-neighborhood promotion that I gladly kept when I tossed the rest of the junk mail.

Well that little coupon inspired me to try an experiment– a No-Spend Weekend. From Friday afternoon to Sunday night, I did everything I could to avoid spending any money. Any money at all. So without further ado:

  1. I used a coupon for a free large pizza (a $19.00 value!) at a place near my house for dinner on Friday, and I saved the leftover pizza for meals and snacks later in the weekend. I also found a Redbox promo code for a free rental buried in my email, so I went ahead and picked up the movie on the way to the pizza place so I wouldn’t have to pay for delivery.  Friday movie night for the exorbitant price of $00.00.
  2. I fixed the slow drain in my bathroom sink with a little dish soap and ingenuity.  Also with a wire hanger I found on the cement by the dumpster. I took the drain trap apart and loosened up all the gunk with the hanger. Then I gagged a little. Then I reassembled and followed these instructions for cleaning drains with liquid dish soap and hot water (not baking soda and vinegar!).  Now my sink is running better than when I moved in two months ago. No plumber. No dealing with apartment managers. Fixed sink for $00.00.
  3. I made some coffee at home early in the morning and scooped up my friend for a walk around Venice Beach. It was a drizzly, gray day so there weren’t a lot of tourists out. We strolled down the boardwalk and stumbled on a little shop selling bread pudding. I almost ended my experiment right there, but my friend wanted to treat me. I got some nice photos from the walk, and had a lovely time catching up with my friend who I hardly get to see these days. Lazy Saturday for $00.00.
  4. I washed some laundry in the bathtub and hung it to dry on my balcony. I had some nice shirts and delicates that needed freshening up, and I didn’t want to spend money on the washer since the industrial machines in our laundry room are pretty rough on clothes. Normally I’d just throw them in there on the delicate cycle, but I decided to go the old fashioned route. Clean shirts and bras for $00.00.
  5. I went to the library and picked out some specialty cookbooks that I’ve been wanting to try. Just some things on vegetarian cooking and low-sodium diets. These books would have cost upwards of $25.00 apiece if I’d bought them, and who knows if I’ll find anything I want to try. I also decided to finally start unpacking my books and found a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale– I was going to reread it anyway for an upcoming book club meeting, but now I don’t have to wait for the library copies to open up.

Side note– if you happen to have Hulu, you should be watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Like, right now.  Just go and watch it.

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