Frugal travel fails


Guys.  Somebody (…me, probably?…) must have inceptioned me into setting my alarm an hour later than I really needed to wake up yesterday morning.  I found myself at the airport eating a gross, overpriced breakfast burrito because I didn’t have time to get ready and eat at home.

Have you ever found yourself in this position?  You’ve been running on empty for a week. You haven’t made time to head to the grocery store. You have nothing in your fridge except expired fat-free ricotta and a lonely can of La Croix. Truth: I could have prevented this, and I chose not to make the time to prepare.  Lesson learned.  And I guess part of this whole blog thing is to track my habits, and learn more about what I really need versus what I want, and be accountable to somebody out there– to you, reading this, I suppose.

In any case… I spent some time last weekend compiling some of my favorite articles and blogs about frugal travel so I could share them with you.  Here’s just a snippet of what’s out there on the web. Consider this an annotated bibliography (Remember those from English class?  Remember how you thought you’d never need to knowhow to write an annotated bibliography??).

1)  Frugal Traveler on The New York Times

Justin Peterson writes fun travel articles about exploring the world on a budget. He has a fun, down-to-earth voice, and his columns provide practical advice while inspiring us to get out and see the world!  Check out his column from January 2 about ways to save on travel in 2017.  Pro Tip: If you don’t want to pay for access to the NYT, check out your local library’s website for digital editions. You can also use Google Translate as a proxy server in a bind.


2)  Travel Tips from the Frugalwoods

Ok. You probably already follow their blog. You might even have participated in their first group Uber Frugal Month Challenge. This married couple living on a homestead in rural Vermont pack their columns with practical, usable advice for folks looking to automate frugality. I especially like this one on traveling cheap around the holidays.


3) Stingy Traveler

The blog hasn’t been updated since November, but I keep hoping for more posts coming soon!  This is another site offering very practical advice about frugal travel. Pretty sure I’ve recreated some of these recipes to make in your hotel room.  What I really like about this blog is its slightly anthropological angle– for instance, this article on sleep habits around the world.

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